How to Write a Haiku Using the What3words Concept

What3words Locations in The Hope Valley

Posted by Bryony Doran on Apr 27, 2018

How to Use the What3Word Concept to Write a Haiku.


Go to  What3Words and on the home page click on the map on the right hand side.

Type: Hope Valley UK in the search bar and you will see a map of the Hope Valley come up.

Move the map around – The red marker will remain static – and you will see three words come up in the red bar at the bottom of the screen.

For example if you put the red pointer on Hathersage station one of the 3 word locations that comes up is: blog.buzzer.shame

Pick a 3 word location within the Hope Valley using postcodes:


 Or S33: as a guide.


 Pick a location and incorporate all three words into your Haiku.

 As an example, I used the 3 word location:  tabs.frames.cherished

(You can look up this exact location if you type these three words into the search bar of What3Words. Don’t forget to put in the full stops).


This is the haiku I came up with -

The house window frames

cherished blooms from late summer

tabs of old colour

If you find yourself getting stuck try looking one of your words up in your thesaurus – you might find you come up with a meaning you hadn’t thought of before.

For example: I looked up the word: tabs on my Chambers Thesaurus app:



flap, tag, marker, label, sticker, ticket, fob, strap, trimmer

keep tabs on

watch closely, keep an eye on, observe, keep a close watch on, keep a close check on

Taking the word ‘marker’ I thought – the cherished blooms could be markers of colour so I could use the word tabs as you would use markers.

Also don’t forget sometimes a word can have more than one meaning, as in the word, frames, in my haiku. You can use this to your advantage.


You might wonder why I have chosen to restrict entrants to the Hope Valley in their What3Words  search.

I have often found when writing that, if you have a structure to work within, the discipline of the structure will make it easier to be creative.


Good luck and happy haiku writing.

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